Friday, February 14, 2014

How to lose arm fat ? The Answer At this post

How to lose arm fat ? The Answer At this post

Many People Suffering From Arm Fat , And The Are searching for How to lose arm fat
Arm Fat is Very Bad appearance For Youth And Girls.
If You Are Suffering From Arm Fat Read This post To The End .

 Foods And Diet 1#   

You must Chang Your Foods Thats make Your Arm Fat , And Replace it
with Healthy foods that's Contains Lower Calories And Keep away Fat Foods
Vegetables and fruits Every Day it's the best Healthy foods for ever
so You Can Eat salad And Eat apple or And Food that's Contains Fruits and Vegetables .

Fast Foods is Danger very Danger So don't Eat much from it because it's Un healthy 
And Contains Fat , You must Search about foods that's have low Calories .
 How to lose arm fat

#2 - You must put Plan daily

You must have time For Exercise for your fat arm  Or other sport as Walking and Run 
You can do Different Sport Every Day 


 How to lose arm fat

1# - Push-Ups

You Can Start This Exercise By Pushing on wall , Then A step forward to land  
You should Keep You Arms Near each

2# - Triceps Kickback#

this exercise for Triceps Kickback in Arm 
i uploaded This photo to See How can you do this exrcise 
just Lift and lower Your hand to move the muscle

 How to lose arm fat

I hope You Are Benefited from this post about How to lose arm fat

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